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Is it Worth Getting a Roof Survey?

Yes it is always worth getting a roof survey. And it can save you from losing a lot of money. Especially if you are moving to a new house.

Are you looking for roof surveyor for a roof survey? If so Raynes Roofing can help. With over 45 years of experience in roofing we are well equipped to carry out thorough roof surveys and inspections. It is important to have a thorough roof inspection as important details about your roof may otherwise be missed. We carry out roof surveys for estates agents, private households and commercial clients.

Moving House in the Woking or Guildford Area? Claim a FREE Roofing Survey with Raynes Roofing

If you are moving to a new house in the Woking or Guildford area we offer free roofing surveys. If you are not the advice below can still help you.

A roof survey before moving to a new house can save you lots of money down the line as potential problems can be identified before you move. We believe a thorough roof survey is one of the most important things you can do before moving to a new house.

If you are in the Woking or Guildford area get in touch or call us on 01483 475141.

Does a Standard House Survey Identify Roofing Problems?

In most cases a house survey will only inspect the roof from the ground level only. This is not a thorough enough inspection. A lot of roofing problems must be identified by being on the roof itself. Also, it is vital the loft space too is climbed into to correctly assess the integrity of the roofs’ structure.

What Will a Good Roof Survey Let you Know?

Roof Structure

External and Internal Check for the following:

• Roof Spread

• Roof Sag

• Internal Light

• Issues with Condensation

• Ventilation Quality

• Wall Plates

• Level of Purling Support

• The Condition of the Purling Support

Dormer Roofs

• Identification of the Roof Covering

• Expected Lifetime of the Roof

• Current Condition of the Roof

Ridge Tiles

• The condition of the Mortar

• A Ridge Iron Check

• Current Condition of Ridge Tiles

Roof Covering

• Areas where Leaks are Suspected

• Expected Lifetime of the Roof

• The Age of the Roof

• The Condition Compared to Roofs on Similar Properties

Guttering System

• Identification of the type of Guttering System you currently have installed

• Life Expectancy of your Current Guttering System

• Identification of any current problems with your Guttering System

• Identification of any blockages in your Guttering System

• Identification of any cracks or Damage in your Guttering System

• Identification of any leaking unions or joints in your Guttering System

Roofing Valleys

• Expected Life Span of Roofing Valleys

• Quality of Previous Repair Work Conducted

• Condition of Mortar if applicable

• Fatigue Splits

Flat Roofs

• The Overall Condition of the Flat Roofing System

• Analysis of the Decking to Check for Soft Spots

• Life Expectancy of Current Flat Roofing System

• Identification of the Current Flat Roof Covering. Whether it is Felt, Rubber, GRP/Fibreglass etc

Chimney Stacks

• Identification of type of flashing around your chimney.

• Analysis of the condition of the flashing around your chimney

• Identification of work chimney flaunching

• Identification of Loose Chimney Pots

Identification of the Brickwork's condition.

Identification of the Mortars condition.

Skylights and Roof Windows

• The quality of the installation of your Skylights and Roof Windows

• Identification of Flashing Type around your Skylights and Roof Windows

• A check of the Flashing Condition around your Skylights and Roof Windows

• A check of the Glass in your Skylights and Roof Windows. Looking for issues such as cracks and condensation


If you think you need a roof survey we strongly advise you get one taken out. This can save you a lot of money and also help you if you ever have to make an insurance claim. The reason for this is because it helps prove the condition of your roof before the damage was suffered.

And remember if you are in the Woking or Guildford area Raynes Roofing offer free surveys for anyone moveing to a new house. Just call us on  01483 475141 or get in touch via a webform.