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Does your Chimney need Repointing?

Chimney repointing is often needed. Your chimney is exposed to various conditions throughout the year. It is especially vulnerable to damage from high winds. These winds can cause cracks and gaps in the mortar of your chimney. If you notice or suspect this is the case with your chimney you probably need your chimney repointing. It would be a good idea to get your chimney assessed by a roofing company. Delaying repairs to a damaged chimney can lead to serious problems in the future such as a complete collapse of your chimney.

Gaps in the mortar of your chimneys brickwork indicates repointing work will be necessary. Repointing is the process of filling in with cement the joints in your chimneys brickwork to secure it and give it the longest possible lifespan. Another benefit of chimney repointing is it will be more aesthetically pleasing once the work is undertaken. Chimney Repointing is an important part of maintaining your roof and should be carried out periodically. It is well worth the investment of getting a roofing contractor to regularly maintain your roof. Not only will this prevent small problems turning into big ones. It will maximise the life time off all parts of your roof including your chimney./p>

Benefits of Chimney Repointing

Extends the Lifetime of your Chimney

Mortar joints have a lifetime of around 25 years during this time they must endure numerous different weather conditions. This causes the mortar to contract and expand which over time causes it to dry out and crumble. The brickwork of your chimney however can last for more than a century. This shows how important chimney repointing is as it helps ensure your chimneys brickwork gets the lifetime it is capable of.

Ensures the Security of your Chimney

A chimney which has damaged of crumbling mortar is dangerous to other parts of your property as well as the property’s inhabitants and those walking past the property. Chimney repointing can ensure your chimney is secure and has no risk of collapsing if there are any storms or strong winds.

Keeps your Roof Waterproofed

When you have chimney repointing work carried out, a waterproof sealant is applied to the joints in your brickwork. This prevents any moisture penetrating the mortar. This prevents water entering your property and the development of leaks.

Save yourself Money in the Long Run

Looking after your chimney by getting the necessary chimney repair work carried out when it is needed will significantly extend your chimneys lifespan. Repointing work prevents any serious structural issues with your chimney. Which in the worst case would result in a collapsed chimney. This would mean replacing your chimney as well as repairing any damage the collapsing chimney caused.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Aside from the functional benefits mentioned above regarding Chimney Repointing, there is also an aesthetic benefit. Cracks and gaps appearing in your chimney mortar is not a nice sight. It makes your property look untidy. Chimney repointing makes your roofline look neat, tidy and presentable.

Looking after your chimney and getting the necessary repointing work when necessary is vital. This prevents further problems developing with your roofline and prevents your chimney collapsing or expensive repair work or the need for a chimney removal. If you are in the Woking or Guildford area and need any chimney repointing work or roof maintenance please get in touch today or call us on 01483 475141.